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Home Bazar is an online marketplace empowering independent sellers and makers who create unique products from home. The idea is simple – to put makers and entrepreneurs in touch with a large audience of buyers, and free them up to focus on producing amazing products without getting bogged down with administrative and logistical issues.

A responsive website enables a community to converge and transact Home Bazar is the very best place for buyers and sellers to celebrate the joy of unique creations.

Become part of our seller community

For sellers, Home Bazar offers a space to bring their unique products to a wide audience. It lets makers and entrepreneurs focus on making beautiful products that sell while we handle the rest.

We at Home Bazar handle the entire seller and buyer experience from collecting payments through a variety of methods to arranging delivery. It’s the freedom to run your entire business, manage all orders, payments, delivery and feedback on one platform designed exclusively for you.

And that’s not all. Home Bazar supports its seller community through comprehensive marketing campaigns. We reach out to a wide buyer audience on your behalf via an active business development team, and through social media channels.

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Home Bazar is the most convenient place to choose from an array of unique items, all in one place.
Our web platform has been built & designed in-house to make sure the seller and buyer have the best experience while browsing through on Home Bazar.