B. Barn’s is a brand of luxury eyewear, combining
the manufacturing expertise of yesteryear with
the creativity of contemporary design. Contrary to
the big name companies that offer mass produced
standardized eyeglasses, the brand offers a radical
and innovative approach with regard to luxury eyewear

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Bernard Benouaiche spent his childhood among artistic
circles frequented by his mother, a sculptor, who
inspired in him a certain kind of boldness in creation
and a desire to incessantly redefine the esthetic
standards of the great canons of beauty. As a certified
and trained optician, based in Deauville since 2004, he
has created his proper brand in 2012, to which he gave
his nickname, Barn’s. The launch of this B. Barn’s limited
series premium line of eyewear completed with the
line of custom-made to order epitomize the concept of
luxury in its purest state.

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