Elis Sense Electric Pepper Mill


Peugeot Elis Sense Electric Pepper Mill, 20 cm

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Peugeot launches the first generation of touch-operated electric salt and pepper mills. Thanks to the incorporation of touch-sensitive technology for the very first time, Elis Sense boasts unrivalled ergonomics. No longer a need for a push button, the mere contact of the user’s hand is sufficient from now on. When the body of the mill and the touch-pad on the top are simultaneously touched, Elis Sense delivers exactly right dose of salt or pepper. A blue LED light illuminates to show that it is in operation, and at the same time, the light on the bottom of the mill, which has greatly contributed to its popularity, is activated. The essential and patented U’Select grind adjustment system again offers the user the best quality grind you can find.


Dimensions20 cm
Main Material

Body: Acrylic and stainless steel Grinding mechanism: Stainless steel

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Peugeot Elis Sense Electric Pepper Mill, 20 cm