Nancy Acrylic Pepper Mill


Peugeot Nancy Acrylic Pepper Mill, 18 cm

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Classic, timeless lines define this fully transparent grinder. The traditional shape in a modern material makes this a very attractive pepper mill. Its robustly engineered grinding mechanism ensures perfectly ground pepper every time. The pepper grinding mechanism is equipped with helix-shaped double row of teeth that guide and hold the peppercorns for a perfect grind. It has a patented treatment that protects the steel from corrosion while maintaining its sharpness and wear resistance.Peugeot began in the 19th century, with the manufacturing of pepper and coffee grinders. More than 200 years later, its specialist grinders for salt, spices, pepper and coffee still set the standard in the kitchens and tables of the greatest chefs, restaurants and homes.


Dimensions18 cm
Main Material

Body: Acrylic Grinding mechanism: Stainless steel

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Peugeot Nancy Acrylic Pepper Mill, 18 cm