Semi Round Sensor Bin With Liner Pocket


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  • This Bin by simplehuman comes with a motion sensor that opens its lid automatically with a mere wave of the hand.
  • It also features an innovative liner pocket that stores and dispenses liners from inside the bin.
  • This makes changing liners a whole lot quicker and easier.
  • With its elegant appeal and smooth functioning, this Sensor Bin lets you dispose trash without any hassles.
  • Features
  • Motion Sensor
  • Infrared fields sense the area above and in front of the bin so it can open automatically with just the wave of a hand.
  • The sensing area is just located over the lid.
  • As a result, the lid only opens when you want it to.
  • The sensor area expands during use, so it won’t close until you’re done with your task.
  • Smooth, steady power
  • A planetary gear system transfers speed to torque for smooth, consistent lid operation.
  • It’s whisper quiet
  • At 52 db, simplehuman’s sensor bin is 50% quieter than the competition’s.
  • Neat and easy
  • The outer lid lifts up for easy access to the liner.
  • It eliminates the need to remove the top of the bin or fumble with a bucket.
  • When you’re done, it neatly closes over the liner to keep it hidden from sight. It makes the bin look suave as ever.
  • Liner pocket
  • Keeps liners inside the bin, where you need them and allows them to be dispensed one by one.
  • Nano-silver clear coat
  • Protects stainless steel from fingerprints and germs.
  • Custom fit liners
  • simplehuman’s code J liners are designed to fit this bin perfectly so they don't slip.
  • They also stay completely hidden.
  • Their extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction prevent rips and tears.
  • About simplehuman
  • Daily life has scope for improvement.
  • That’s the basic concept behind simplehuman.
  • The brand designs everyday tools that help people become more efficient at home.
  • Their products facilitate efficient living by solving the simple yet overlooked problems of day to day life.
  • Simplehuman products are simple, intuitive, functional and built to last.
  • The brand has won many prestigious design, innovation and consumer choice awards for their products.
  • Use a microfiber mitt (sold separately) to clean the stainless steel parts


Main Material

Brushed stainless steel

Capacity (ml)



39.1 (cm) x 32.6 (cm) x 64.1 (cm)