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  • 1 Toothbrush Case
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Electric Toothbrush & Brush Heads by Bruzzoni are designed with carefully selected materials and an emphasis on function, sustainability, hygiene, and design, we have created an elegant and functional electric toothbrush. The design and the USB charging was developed to make using the toothbrush as easy as possible, and make it comfortable to bring with you travelling. All parts in the toothbrush package have smooth and rounded edges to make cleaning the toothbrush easier. Genuine materials, a cord in silicone that follows the edges, induction charger that is easy to dry.

Boasting an oscillating speed of 8000 rpm and running time of 40 minutes, Bruzzoni challenges the leading electric toothbrushes on the market. The only difference is that this toothbrush also looks good, while still doing its job.

The oscillating movement means that the brush head rotates in half-circles.  The toothbrush does not use other techniques, as having the head move up while rotating, as this combination can cause damage to the enamel.


We have made charging your toothbrush easier by using USB and induction charging. This means fewer cables for you to worry about when you travel.

The battery indicator tells you when it’s time to charge your Bruzzoni.


  • Oscillating speed: 8000 rpm
  • Battery: 2 x 1.2V 3/5 AA 600 mAH Ni-MH batteries
  • Running time: 40 min
  • Battery time: A fully charged battery lasts about 10 days when used twice a day by the user.
  • Charge time: 16 hours for the first charge, 12 hours for following charges.
  • Sound level: Less than 60 dB from a distance of 91 centimetres.
  • Volt: USB 5VDC 1A
  • LED indication: ON/OFF, when charging and low battery, the indicator displays various colours.
  • Timer: Quad timer and 2 minutes before automatically shutting off.
  • Pressure sensor: When user press to hard the oscillation stops to prevent the brushing to damage the tooth.


  • Matt plastic
  • Rubber with a soft leather structure
  • White, metal


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