Do Bandar Salt and Sugar Citrus Body Scrub

Timmy Thomas

Weight: 150gms

Ingredients: Cane sugar, virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil, saponified oils of coconut, palm and rice bran, essential oils of Lavender.

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A refreshing scrub that will hydrate and exfoliate the skin and uplift the senses. One of our most favorites!! Citrus body scrub. Contains sugar,Himalayan Salt.A deliciously refreshing summery sugar scrub, filled with the goodness of virgin coconut oil, himalayan salt, and essentials oils of Lavender.

Our scrub leaves you glowing and fresh!! It gently and thoroughly removes bulid up and dead skin cells leaving skin feeling smooth and supple.

Instructions: Gently Scrub into wet skin. Rinse and pat dry. Leave the excess oils to soak into your skin, taking in their holistic effects. Warning: Do not use if you have any essential oil allergies. Natural separation is normal. Stir and use


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