Tru-lux light system

With a color rendering index (CRI) of 90,

the tru-lux light system closely simulates

natural sunlight’s full color spectrum

to show every detail.

Adjustable color


Capable of over 50,000 color variations,

choose presets or use the phone app to

capture light settings from the

environment around you and recreate

them on the mirror.

Save all your favorite


Use your phone to access your custom

light settings and check your look in the

office, your gym, your favorite restaurant

— anywhere you want to look your best.

No guesswork and no surprises!

Dual magnification


5x magnification

Comprehensive — view your entire face at

once in exceptional detail.


10x magnification

Extremely close-up view for detail work

like tweezing and applying eye makeup.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Use the app to enable  mirror

Smart features.

Works wit Alexa

Control your mirror’s lighting and other

smart features with your voice. For

instance, you can tell Alexa to make the

mirror’s light brighter.

Works wit Nest Cam

Whatever lighting condition your Nest

Cam sees, the simplehuman sensor mirror

Pro can recreate it perfectly.

Go Cord-Free!

The mirror is rechargeable and can be
used without a cord for up to 4 weeks on a
single charge.

Starting 600 to 995 AED
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver
  • 5" round — 10x
  • 8'' round pro — 5x/10x
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