Yemeni Sumar Honey

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Powerful nectar of the Sumar tree in Yemen

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Yemeni Sumar Honey is a product of the Sumar tree, and has a strong and
beautiful tasting honey which brings its strength to you by making your body
more able to resist disease.
Cold and flu symptoms, such as coughs, sore throats, and congestion are
kept at bay when treated with Blossom Yemeni Sumar Honey. It is loaded
with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which protect the body from bacteria
and boost the immune system.

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From the hive to the table, we are dedicated specialists and we deliver 100% Yemeni Raw Honey in the most supreme quality. After we performed lengthy and intense research, Blossom Honey found and cooperated with the best beekeepers available in Yemen. These Yemeni artists work tirelessly and with great care, sharing their general traditions, rich heritage and fiery passion when they craft your honey.