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The celebrated product designer Mr. Tom Dixon’s Accessories range is a collection of home gifts, inspired by British heritage and crafted from durable, high-quality materials including copper, marble and wood. We particularly like the metal-cased candles and desk accessories.

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I was born in Sfax, the second city of Tunisia. My father was a teacher: he’d just graduated and went to teach English in a university. That’s where he met my mum, who was half French.

I spent my first four years in North Africa – Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Suez – and then we moved to Huddersfield (in northern England), which was a bit of a culture shock. I went to what was at the time a fairly rough comprehensive school, Holland Park. It was famous as an experiment in education. Kids were going wild and there wasn’t a great deal of teaching, but there was a great art department. That’s where I took refuge.

Ceramics provided my first encounter with the transform­ation­al nature of design, without my even realising it. Somewhere in that couple of years of mucking around with clay, I got the idea that you can transform materials into something more precious. That’s still what I do.

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